Face mask holder (2-Pack)

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Face mask holder / mask strap for Allergo mouth nose mask

How convenient! With the Allergo Mask Holder you can comfortably take off your mask without having to stow it away when you don't need it! The two hooks on the mask strap are simply attached to the small loops that we have provided especially for your mouth-nose mask. And you can hang them around your neck and put them on and off according to your needs.


Advantages of the Allergo Mask Band

- No more cumbersome searching
- Cannot be lost
- No unhygienic stowage in trouser pocket or handbag
- No wearing over the ear or on the chin
- Quickly ready for use - especially if you have to put them on and take them off again and again
- The mask holder is available in many different colors - also matching the mask - always in a set of 2.

Allergo mask holder / mask strap

- Set of 2
- Use: ONLY for face masks with rubber band
- Colors: blue, red, purple, white, pink
- Two snap hooks for easy attachment
- Washable in the washing machine

Warning: Keep away from children, as parts may be swallowed or inhaled. Not suitable for playing.


For hygienic reasons, no returns of the mask bands are possible!