No-scratch bodysuit for children

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The no-scratch bodysuit made of soft, breathable organic cotton meets the needs of irritated children's skin. It prevents scratching at night and lets your child sleep more calmly. The lovingly designed suits make it easier for children to wear the overall.


Organic cotton - gentle on the skin and the environment

Neurodermatitis skin is sensitive. The choice of the right material is particularly important as it lies directly on the diseased skin and must not additionally irritate it.

For our neurodermatitis coveralls we therefore only use certified organic cotton (kbA, GOTS tested). Organic cotton comes from consistently controlled organic cultivation - without the use of chemicals such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides - and is produced fairly.

Organic Cotton is completely natural and therefore particularly kind to the skin. The excellent properties of the material are particularly beneficial for the sick neurodermatitis skin.

Sweating, wetting and sticking of the fabric to the skin are prevented and the healing process during the night is gently supported.


How do I wash a ‚No-scratch bodysuit for children’ properly?

Please always wash the bodysuit inside out. For hygienic reasons, we recommend washing the bodysuit in the washing machine at 60°C.

It is best to use a sensitive detergent without fragrances and always avoid fabric softener! This is gentle on the material, but especially on your child's skin.