About us

Allergocover encasings are produced by Allergo Healthcare KG and distributed in the UK by Diagenics Limited. Allergo Healthcare KG is a German medium-sized company in the metropolitan region of Hamburg that specializes in mite allergy therapy with encasings.  
Allergocover is the first and oldest Encasing brand in Europe. We are proud that our Allergocover products have been at home in allergy sufferer families for over 30 years and reliably help to alleviate the nightly symptoms of mite allergy.  
The high quality of the covers is regularly confirmed by independent testing institutes to ensure that allergy sufferers worldwide receive a safe product. Allergocover is 100% Made in Germany, which means that both the fabric production and the upholstery production take place in Germany. This ensures the high quality of the allergy product and also avoids long transport distances.