What is Allergocover® made of?
Allergocover® consists of tightly woven microfibre, free of coatings and chemical additions. This allows for high air and water vapour permeability, preventing unnecessary sweating and maintaining high sleeping comfort - all whilst keeping you safe from mite allergens!

Is there a material that does not get contaminated with mites, e.g. Latex or cold-cure foam?
No. Mites can contaminate any material as long as it finds favourable external conditions. These are:
Relatively high air humidity (65-80%)
warm temperature (between 20 und 30° C)
sufficient food supply (e.g. dander)
and darkness (mites are averse to light).

How do I measure my mattress?
Please measure the length, width and height oft he mattress, as ALLERGOCOVER® is a complete encasing into which the entire mattress is inserted, sealed by a zip. The zip is additionally secured by an underlying strap, ensuring that no allergens penetrate the encasing. Should your mattress have varying height measurements, please indicate the highest one.

When do I need a custom-made cover?
You will need a custom-made cover if the measurements of your bedding or mattress deviate from the standard sizes (see price list) on offer. Encasings can be custom made for all pieces of bedding (mattress, duvet and pillow). When in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us under for further assistance. Delivery will take 2-3 weeks.

How often can I wash ALLERGOCOVER®?
The fabric can be washed any number of times without affecting the quality of the material; however, please bear in mind that removing the covers can stir up dust containing allergens. Thus it is recommended to wash the covers as little as possible, about 1-2 times a year.
At what temperature and with what detergent should I wash ALLERGOCOVER®?
At 60 °C with a mild detergent, to maintain the smoothness of the microfibre.

How long does it take to air dry Allergocover®?
Less than six hours.

Is Allergocover® suitable for tumble drying?
Yes, on the lowest setting.

Is Allergocover® suitable for ironing?
Yes, on the lowest setting.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery shipping and do further postage costs accrue?
Our products are sold on commission only. We charge a standard postage fee of FR 9.90.

How long do deliveries take?
Standard sizes are despatched around 2-3 days after receipt of your order, custom-made items can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

Can I exchange Allergocover®?
If you notice that you accidentally ordered the wrong size of ALLERGOCOVER® you may return it within two weeks of delivery. However, the hygiene seal must be unbroken.
Please remember to note down the correct sizes on the delivery receipt and send it back to us together with the items.
As ALLERGOCOVER® is a hygiene product, please understand that we are unable to accept returns if the hygiene seal has been breached.
Custom-made covers can not be exchanged or returned.